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    Designing Satavuo School was a textbook example of our commitment to partnership. By working with Laukaa municipality, together we created a design to inspire tomorrow’s learners. By making each project exceptional, we make the day-to-day incredible.

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Urban Insight

Urban Insight report: Which way now? Healthy options for our streets and cities 

How can we improve air quality, increase social cohesion, and stimulate shared and efficient mobility? Currently in our European cities about 70 percent of people breathe dangerous air, according to the European Environmental Agency and 1 million deaths occur annually due to physical inactivity, states the World Health Organisation.  

At the centre of the latest report from Sweco, Urban Insight, is “shared speed” – a new design strategy that aims to increase urban health and well-being and make the city’s various modes of transport, from driving to walking, more equal. This report provides insights from diverse fields – mobility planning, urban planning, and sociology – on how to combine social sciences and engineering to achieve a shift towards sustainable and healthy mobility.

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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT  Creating an eco-friendly environment for working and living becomes nowadays a key element. Sweco’s consultants with using BREEAM methods assess, rate and certify buildings. Together with developers, architects, contractors and tenants we are focused on creating a sustainable environment for working and living.

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BIM technology

Using BIM technology for project and management purposes means having access to major advantages – better understanding and design, and an abundance of added-value, especially economical. Sweco engineers use BIM technology to make our customers get high-quality designs at an optimum price.

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