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Sweco to supervise construction of tunnel between Polish islands

17 September 2018
Sweco has been commissioned to supervise the construction of a tunnel under the Świna River in Poland. The tunnel will connect the islands Uznam and Wolin, facilitating mobility and supporting economic growth in the region.

Internships aimed at new arrivals leads to employment for many

07 September 2018
In 2015, Sweco joined a national program in Sweden to offer work opportunities to at least 100 new arrivals. After three years, almost 40 percent of the participants have been employed.

Air and noise pollution ever-growing problems

28 August 2018
75 million residents within EU are exposed to road traffic noise, causing an estimated 10,000 cases of premature deaths every year. Air pollution is responsible for about half a million of premature death each year within Europe.

Sweco Engineering surveyors in Sweden

14 August 2018
Geodetic international cooperation between Sweco Engineering and Sweco Civil in Sweden has been successfully developing for 4 years now. “For the first 2 years we have worked for an office in Lulea. In 2017, we started cooperation with the office in Jonkoping, and this year we also provide surveying services for offices in Stockholm, Norrkoping and Gavle / Sundsvall”, says Paweł Pazdan, Head of the Surveying Team.

“New methods of bridge design”

06 August 2018
“BIM designing without drawings and supporting design with parameters are the new Sweco service, where Sweco sets the standard. I believe that this is how the projects will look in the future”, says Krzysztof Wojsław from Sweco Norge, who on 31 July gave a presentation in the Sweco Engineering office in Cracow entitled “New methods of bridge design”, based on the extension of one of the most important expressways in Norway, E6, connecting the northern and southern parts of the country.

Change in number of shares and votes in Sweco AB (publ)

31 July 2018

Interim report January – June 2018 Sweco AB (PUBL)

19 July 2018
Continued positive development

Change in number of shares and votes in Sweco AB (publ)

29 June 2018

Sweco Engineering is involved in the project of a boiler at the Malarenergi CHP plant in Sweden

27 June 2018
Sweco Engineering supports Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy in Oulu (Finland) at the design and workshop design of the boiler building for the Malarenergi CHP plant in Sweden.

E-commerce about to reshape our cities

14 June 2018
E-commerce changes our shopping habits – but also influences logistics, city planning and properties. The impact will become more and more apparent as volumes continue to increase.