BREEAM / LEED Certification

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Creating an eco-friendly environment for working and living becomes nowadays a key element. Sweco’s consultants with using BREEAM methods assess, rate and certify buildings. Together with developers, architects, contractors and tenants we are focused on creating a sustainable environment for working and living.


  • BREEAM / LEED certification
  • Coordination of certification process
  • Analysis and specialized studies
  • Trainings and marketing

BREEAM / LEED certification

Sweco consultants assess and certify new and existing buildings using the most popular schemes: BREEAM and LEED.

Multicriterial schemes such as BREEAM and LEED have become a standard on an European and global real estate markets. BREEAM and LEED certificates support sustainable development and promote healthy and eco-friendly working environment. Green certificates help to reduce operating costs and create favourable indoor environment for building users. Moreover an international and valuable certificate brings a positive green image and an extra value for tenants, developers and investment funds.

BREEAM and LEED schemes are tools to assess and certify building’s features, such as: energy efficiency, materials, construction and operation, waste management, water use, quality of indoor environment, availability of public transport and ecological value of investments.

Sweco achievements at BREEAM certification:

  • three first BREEAM New Build certificates in Poland (in 2010, rating: VERY GOOD)
  • twenty BREEAM New Build certificates with rating EXCELLENT (including the first EXCELLENT certificate in Poland)
  • first BREEAM In-Use certificates in Poland for an existing buildings

BREEAM New Build (new buildings)
138 buildings
72 projects certified
66 certification in progress

BREEAM In-Use (existing buildings)
119 buildings
104 projects certified
15 certification in progress