A new bus depot in Warsaw

Sweco has signed a contract with the City-Bus Authority of Warsaw for development of a new bus depot. The work for Sweco Consulting involves interdisciplinary design, cost documentation, obtaining building permits, advise on the tender procedure, and, in a later stage, also the interdisciplinary design supervision.

Key Facts

Project name: Interdisciplinary design of a new bus depot in Warsaw.

Location: Warsaw

Client: City-Bus Authority of Warsaw

Period: 03.2015. - Q4.2016

Role: Interdisciplinary designer

Project Description

The main objective of our work is to design a technically and technologically advanced bus depot, including use of solar and green energy sources, while ensuring safety and comfort. Furthermore, we strive to reduce noise pollution and minimize operating costs and the need for employment service staff.

The new bus depot will consists of a multi-storey garage for 300 busses, including 100 busses with a length of 18,75 meters, 100 busses with a length of 12 meters, and 100 electrical busses with a length of 18 meters.

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