Breakwater in Świnoujście

The construction of outer breakwater, key walls, turning basin and fairway for constructed harbour in Swinoujscie, is part of the government's strategic investment related with a construction of the LNG terminal. For the investment, realized according to FIDIC contract conditions, Sweco Consulting performed a Contract Engineer service.

Key Facts

Project name: Construction of outer breakwate in Świnoujście

Location: Świnoujście

Client: Marine Authority in Szczecin

Period: 06.2010 - 04.2013

Role: Contract engineer 

Project Description

It is the first investment of this kind in Poland and Eastern Europe, considered to be strategic for our country, as related with the plans to diversify sources and routes of natural gas supply and to Polish energy security. The LNG terminal will enable the reception of liquefied natural gas from any direction in the world, will meet the increased demand for gas, as well as enable its sales to other countries.

Breakwater with a length of 3 km, is located on the eastern site of the existing Eastern Breakwater, which protects the entrance from the Pomeranian Bay to the Świnoujście harbour. In addition, to the existing eastern breakwater a spur 256 meters long was constructed, and the area of ships turntable and the approach fairway was dredged.The investment created a semi-open area of ​​approx. 130 hectares, which formed an external port in Swinoujscie.

Sweco Consulting, acting as the Contract engineer managed the investment process performing a constant supervision and commissioning, coordinating the construction a breakwater and other project components related with a construction of regasification terminal for liquefied natural gas in Swinoujscie. As a part of the assignment Sweco was responsible for environmental monitoring during the investment, which was carried out with great respect for the natural environment.

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