Environmental impact report for „Beskidzka Droga Integracyjna”

Our specialists from Supervision and Environment Team at Sweco Engineering carry out an environmental impact assessment for the Technical-Environmental for the second stage of the planned construction of the so-called Beskidzka Droga Integracyjna (BDI) – Beskidzka Integration Road, which goal is to reduce the amount of traffic in urban areas and improve the safety of residents. The new road will also shorten the travel time between Bielsko-Biała and Kraków and take over the transit traffic of heavy vehicles.

Key facts

Project name:
Environmental impact report for National road number 52 GP class construction Bielsko-Biała – Kęty – Andrychów – Wadowice – Kalwaria – Głogoczów (so called Beskidzka Droga Integracyjna – BDI) section km 0+555 – km 64+522

Between Bielsko-Biała and Głogoczów

General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Kraków Branch Office

Project description

Right now, there is no east-west high-speed connection road in this part of the country. This is to be changed after the construction of BDI, which will be a favorable alternative to the heavily used existing roads. The planned road will have a length of nearly 64 kilometers and will extend in two voivodships: Silesia and Lesser Poland.

"The scale of the project is big. The investment is located in environmentally sensitive areas, which requires the involvement of various specialists in the field of nature conservation" – underlines Tomasz Strojny, the head of Supervision and Environemnt Protection Team at Sweco Engineering.

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