Environmental impact report for „Potok Wątok”

Sweco Engineering prepares documentation related to the environment impact of the investment and designs flood protection in the valley of the Wątok stream in the Lesser Poland voivodship. Everything is done to protect the residents and the surrounding areas from flooding.

Key facts

Project name:
Environmental impact report for „Potok Wątok”

City of Tarnów and Tarnów County in the Wątok stream catchment basin

Małopolski Zarząd Melioracji i Urządzeń Wodnych in Kraków

Project description

The goal of the project is to protect the residential areas located in the basin of the Wątok stream against the effects of flooding. The design concept envisages the construction of seven dry small retention reservoirs, located on the upper tributaries of the Wątok stream on non-urbanized areas. Supplement flood protection in the basin of the Wątok stream will also be activities involving the execution of local linear objects along watercourses. These will be leveling land, embankments and flood protection walls, as well as reconstruction of bridges and parts of roads.

In recent years the threat of flooding is a real problem. Flood infrastructure needs upgrading. Our project is distinguished by the scale of it and its importance in the context of the security of the population living in areas with risk of flooding.

Potok Wątok in Tarnów