Extension of the E6 expressway in Norway

Sweco Engineering is working with Sweco Norge to extend E6, one of the most important expressways in Norway. The 24-kilometre section from Arnkvern to Moelv will be modernised. It is a completely innovative project - the contractor was selected using the Best Value Procurement method and the BIM technology was applied "without drawings".


Project name:
Extension of E6 from Arnkvern to Moel

Nye Veier AS

Veidekke Entreprenør

Chief designer:
Sweco Norge (all disciplines except electrical)

The scope of works of Sweco Engineering:
Performing calculations, model and reinforcement of 2 bridge objects in 3D

Planned project completion date:
May 2019

Planned investment completion date:
August 2021


E6 - the road of future

Nye Veier AS* has ordered from Veidekke Entreprenør** and Sweco Norge to carry out the investment in the “design and build” system. When selecting the offer, the decisive factors were first of all the experience of companies and issues of corporate social responsibility. The first priority was to provide the best solutions to improve safety. The tender price represented only 25% of the success and was only taken into account when the maximum budget of the contracting authority was reached. This is the first public investment in Norway where the selection was made using the BVP method.

The project is the first in Norway where bridge structures are constructed using the BIM method "without drawings". “The first bridge structures have been accepted and are already under construction, which makes us proud”, says Krzysztof Wojsław, who coordinates international projects and implements new design methods, who for the E6 project is responsible for the BIM construction models.

But what does the term "BIM design without drawings" mean? As Krzysztof Wojsław explains: “The contractor downloads all information for the construction from the 3D model delivered in IFC format. Reinforcement lists are automatically generated from the 3D reinforcement model by the manufacturer. All searches are carried out on the basis of a 3D model update with a list of changes attached. Only a few traditional drawings (4-5) were made for each of the structures, showing construction details hard to model (membrane end, dewatering details, connection details). These drawings have been permanently attached to the 3D model in the form of live-links, which refer directly to the detail.

The Sweco Engineering service includes the execution of calculations as well as the model and reinforcement of objects in Tekla. “In the first stage, we worked on one structure called Høksrud Bru. Currently, in the second stage, we are working on further structures: Bruvollbekken Bru and Vestheim Bru”, says Marcel Piotrowski, Sweco Engineering designer.

“It can be said that the extension of the E6 expressway in Norway is a project for the future. This is due to several factors. The choice of the offer is favourable to the selection of highly qualified designers and contractors”. Model-based BIM design has many advantages. It significantly improves international cooperation – the language barrier disappears and the need for translation of drawings, the number of which is reduced by at least 80%, and thus also time and costs are saved. Not to mention the significant reduction in printing and archiving paper documents. It is also amazing that a project, for example involving a bridge, which receives approval from the General Authority, is being carried out immediately on the second day. The design process is conducted with the Contractor, thanks to which we can consult the solutions applied on an ongoing basis and introduce adjustments to facilitate the construction process", concludes Krzysztof Wojsław.

The project started in August 2017. The Arnkvern-Brumunddal section will be completed in the summer of 2020 and the Brumunddal – Moelv section in the summer of 2021. The total cost of the investment is NOK 2.043 billion (approximately PLN 923,000,000).

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3D model Høksrud Bru made in the Tekla program

3D model Høksrud Bru made in the Tekla program

3D model Høksrud Bru made in the Tekla program


Høksrud Bru during construction / photo: Krzysztof Wojsław, Sweco Norge

Høksrud Bru during construction / photo: Krzysztof Wojsław, Sweco Norge


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