Flood protection reservoir "Krosnowice"

A properly designed dry flood protection reservoirs are meant to capture the floods. Reservoir "Krosnowice" diminish the threat in Duna brook valley below the dam, protecting Krosnowice town from flooding and, together with the other reservoirs in the Klodzko Basin, will reduce the risk of flooding of the city Klodzko. It is created at the request of the Regional Water Management Board in Wrocław, and design documentation is undertaken by our team Hydro Team at Kraków Office Sweco Engineering under the leadership of Designer Marcin Balicki.

Key facts

Project name:
Design of flood protection reservoir "Krosnowice"

Duna stream near Krosnowice, dolnośląskie voivodship

Regional Water Management Board in Wrocław

Design works start:
December 2012


Project description

Flood protection reservoir "Krosnowice" is designed to intercept and reduce the flood wave on Duna stream which is a tributary Nysa Kłodzka river. This way it will protect Krosnowice town and areas in the vicinity, and together with the other reservoirs in the Kłodzko Basin, the valley Nysa Kłodzka river itself and the city of Kłodzko, ensuring the safety of residents.

In addition, to be able to react quickly to impending danger, the object will have a modern measurement and control equipment. "Reservoir Krosnowice is distinguished by innovation. It will be fully automated, operating by itself, with the possibility of remote reading of the measured data and operation control both from the local reservoirs management center in the Kłodzko Basin and from the central management center in Regional Water Management Board in Wrocław" - says Marcin Balicki.

A characteristic feature of the dry retention tank, reservoir "Krosnowice" is such type, is that the water freely flows through the reservoir basin and bottom chutes, until the flow becomes greater than their capacities (during the floods). Larger tributaries are then stored in the reservoir, and the largest floods may overflow through the spillway. After passing the flood wave reservoir is gradually emptying.

At a time when there is no flood risk, it is possible the normal use of the reservoir for agricultural purposes (e.g. as pastures). The reservoir reduces the flood flows to harmless flow rates, this way it prevents local flooding.

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Reservoir Krosnowice. Left bank view

Technical details

According to its conceptual reservoir "Krosnowice" will have a dam located at km 1+120 of Duna river closing catchment basin area of 33.6 sq km. Planned technical parameters of the reservoir and dam are:

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Reservoir Krosnowice. Catchement basin

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