Railway connection to Okęcie airport

Problem with a quick and safe transportation to the Okęcie airport in Warsaw, was one of the main reasons of withholding the economic growth and commercial attractiveness of airport and its surroundings.Therefore, within the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment, a decision was made to build a railway line connection to Okecie airport from the Służewiec station.

Key Facts

Project name: Modernization of the railway line No. 8, connection to Okecie airport

Location: Warszawa

Client: Polish Railway Lines

Period: 01.2010 - 09.2013

Role:Project management according to FIDIC conditions of contract, supervision of construction works.

Project Description

Sweco Consulting, acting as a project management in accordance with FIDIC conditions of contract, supervised a construction work, which included, among others the construction of a two-track rail connection Warsaw Służewiec - Okęcie Airport, length 1.95 kilometers; construction of a dual-aisle tunnel total width 15.0 m, length 1183 m; comprehensive modernization of railway tracks, as well as modernization and reconstruction of the Warszawa Służewiec platform

This investment has shorten the travel time to the airport, uprated the standard of passenger service and comfort of commuting employees to Warsaw Okecie Airport.Better access also contributes to economic growth and economic attractiveness of the airport and its surroundings by creating a new business possibilities focused on passenger service. Creation of a railway link, alternative to road transport, will reduce traffic congestion in Warsaw and will bring environmental benefits

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