Railway crossings

In 2012 in Poland recorded 257 accidents at level crossings, which killed 60 people and injured 42. It was one of the worst results in the entire European Union. To prevent it in the future Polish Railway Lines decided to implement the project, co-financed from the Cohesion Fund which improve safety on the railway crossings.

Key facts

Project name: 
Improving safety and elimination of risks at level crossings Phase II 


PKP Polish Railway Lines

05.2014 - Q4.2015

Project management, Contract Engineeer


Project description

Following the public tender  procedure, Sweco Consulting signed an agreement with PKP PLK SA to perform an Contract Engineer service over implementation of three contractors for work:"Improving safety and elimination of risks at level crossings Phase II '

The main objective of the project was to improve the safety of rail and road traffic around railway crossings, including development of safety and control devices , and change of category of crossings.

The project included 187 crossings in 16 provinces and has been divided into 6 investments. The investment completed in 2015, reduced the numer of accidents and collisions at railway crossings in Poland. In 2014 reported 201 incidents (31 less than in 2013.) And in 2015 147 accidents.

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