Storage reservoir "Skrzyszów"

Reservoir "Skrzyszów" located on Korzeń stream near Skrzyszów was designed by Sweco Engineering Kraków Office, within Hydro Team under the lead of Agnieszka Gac-Ira. The main task of the reservoir is to protect against flooding, as well as collect and water retention. In addition, it has been adapted in order to fulfill the function of recreation for local residents.

Key facts

Project name:
Storage reservoir “Skrzyszów”

Skrzyszów, on Korzeń stream near Tarnów

Małopolski Zarząd Melioracji i Urządzeń Wodnych in Kraków

Responsible unit:
Sweco Engineering Hydro Team Kraków Office

Design works start:


Project description

Reservoir "Skrzyszów" is earthen dam with a height of 10.5 m and a length of 224 m. It was made from local clay and secured with riprap. The maximum capacity of the reservoir is as much as 759 thousand cubic meters (including flooding reserve).

Sweco Engineering experts was able to design and embed dam extremely well in very difficult geological conditions (silt layer in the substrate).

"It is really rare that such a project has been completed so quickly. From the 3 planned reservoirs (Grodno, Joniny and Skrzyszów) it is Skrzyszów that was built" - says Agnieszka Gac-Ira, head of the Hydro Team at Sweco Engineering.

Reservoir "Skrzyszów" was put into service in October 2014. Currently, the tank is completely filled and used local residents as protection from periodic floods. From 2019 years everyone will be able also to use it recreational function.

Storage reservoir "Skrzyszów" full of water.

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