THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME A key element in a city’s attractiveness is the ability of its residents to travel safely and efficiently. Sweco’s infrastructure experts have what it takes to design transport systems that simplify people’s everyday lives. By designing everything from roadways, railways and underground metros to bridges and travel centres, we improve accessibility in tomorrow’s communities and cities.


  • Bridge and tunnel engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Port and marina engineering
  • Road, street and land planning
  • Utility networks
  • Rescue Action Plan

Bridge and tunnel engineering

Bridges and tunnels constitute a key component of sustainable traffic solutions for a modern society. They must be both safe and aesthetically pleasing. They are to blend in or stick out, and be adaptable to both modern and cultural-heritage environments.

Sweco’s experts provide planning and design services for new construction projects, reconstructions, repair work or reinforcements. We also conduct inspections, damage and bearing-capacity assessments, and permit evaluations. Our expert architects couple safety with exquisite design.

We work with steel and concrete, yet also with more advanced structures such as cable-stayed bridges and various types of suspension structures. Underground, we design road and railway tunnels, as well as various types of storage solutions including deep geological repositories for nuclear waste.


Contact persons

  • Paweł
    Infrastructure Office Managing Director, Sweco Engineering
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  • Maciej
    Cracow Department Unit Manager
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  • Bartosz
    Urban Infrastructure Department Director
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