Land Surveying

PRECISION AND ACCURACY More than fifty years of experience, this include many thousands of hectares prepared maps for designs and legal purposes, thousands of subdivision documentations, thousands and thousands of kilometers of roads, railway areas and wooded areas on which we performed measurements. We could do this through skilled team, as well as high-quality measuring equipment and modern software. We develop detailed maps with digital terrain model, on the basis of which arise optimized design concepts. In carrying out our tasks we are looking for solutions that to the maximum extent will meet the expectations of our clients paying particular attention to timeliness and high quality.


  • Engineering surveying
  • GIS
  • Utility networks
  • Legal purposes documentation
  • Construction site surveying
  • Green areas inventory

Green areas inventory

Having regard the Sweco environmental efforts, our many years of experience in the market, as well as the team of proven professionals, we can provide professional help with green areas inventory, such as:

  • Conservation areas
  • Stand of trees
  • Low shrubs and greenery

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