Structural engineering

STANDING THE TEST OF TIME Structural engineering is largely a matter of security. Sweco’s structural engineers create buildings that are safe to live and work in and that stand the test of time. We take a holistic approach and ensure that load-bearing structures harmonise with the building’s design and intended indoor environment.


  • BIM
  • Building construction design
  • Industrial construction design
  • Designing industrial installations
  • Combined heating and power (CHP)
  • Designing HVAC installation
  • Pre-fab structures
  • Steel structures


Using BIM for project and management purposes means having access to major advantages – better understanding and design, and an abundance of added-value, especially economical.

Using integrated tools for analysis, simulation and visualisation right from the very early stages of a project allows us to study how buildings and cities will work in reality. Among other capabilities, BIM involves studying the best design for a building aiming to be environmentally friendly, while also being exciting in sheer architectural terms. It also involves optimising a space based on how people actually move in buildings or traffic.

BIM also drastically reduces the need for adjustments and additions, and allows users to keep track of logistics at construction sites. By visualising every stage in 3D, all of the parties involved can gain an overview of what the project will look like in reality.

Once a BIM project has been completed, its information can be transferred directly to the client’s system on the basis of operations, maintenance and management – a feat that would otherwise entail major expenses to recreate afterwards.

In addition to ultimately producing quality buildings, the Sweco team can harness its collective BIM expertise and use BIM to lay the foundation for greater profitability for our clients in each and every construction project.


Contact persons

  • Maciej
    Structural Department Unit Manager Sweco Engineering
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  • Michał
    Warsaw Department Unit Manager Sweco Engineering
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  • Piotr
    Executive Export and Industry Country Export Manager
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  • Piotr
    Business Development Manager Sweco Engineering
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  • Monika
    Cross-border Team Manager Sweco Engineering
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  • Bartosz
    Industrial and Buildings Structures Team Manager
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  • Ireneusz
    Bridge Team Manager Sweco Engineering
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  • Przemysław
    HVAC Installation Team Manager Sweco Engineering
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  • Adam
    Structural Team Manager Sweco Engineering
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