Structural engineering

STANDING THE TEST OF TIME Structural engineering is largely a matter of security. Sweco’s structural engineers create buildings that are safe to live and work in and that stand the test of time. We take a holistic approach and ensure that load-bearing structures harmonise with the building’s design and intended indoor environment.


  • BIM
  • Building construction design
  • Industrial construction design
  • Designing industrial installations
  • Combined heating and power (CHP)
  • Designing HVAC installation
  • Pre-fab structures
  • Steel structures

Building construction design

Sweco’s structural engineers design everything from housing, offices and shopping centres to sports centres, schools and hospitals. Our inspiration comes from working with our customers to create functional, aesthetically pleasing buildings and environments.

With our extensive experience and broad-based expertise, many customers choose to involve our experts in the project’s early stages. This creates excellent conditions in our view, since we are able to contribute ideas as the basic principles for the building’s design are being developed. We are often involved with the project through final construction.

We are particularly proud of our expertise with older buildings. Sweco has carried out many advanced reconstruction projects for buildings dating from the turn of the 20th century and earlier. This requires in-depth understanding of new technology, as well as the properties of various materials and the ways in which they work together.


Contact persons

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  • Michał
    Structures & Industry Department Director
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